The Lord is calling our church family to 21 days of prayer and fasting as we walk through Psalm 23 together. As we faithfully obey Him, let's abide in Jesus and anticipate a powerful movement of God's Spirit throughout our lives, homes, city, and world.

“Prayer is where the action is." -John Wesley

During this season of prayer we are going to seek the Lord. Our greatest responsibility is to listen to Jesus and do what He says and I am praying that the Lord will prepare our lives to surrender it all to whatever He reveals and calls us to do. I am also praying that as we obey Him, the Lord will unleash revival in our church, city, and world.
There are so many people in our city and world that don't know Jesus and we are going to believe in the promised harvest from Jesus. Jesus has, Jesus is, and Jesus will continue to advance His Kingdom through His church!

Below are resources that will guide our 21 Days together. Each day at 12pm, I will pray on all church social media through each of the prayer focuses in Psalm 23 in our calendar below. This will be a brief 10-15 minutes each day. Let's unite and look to Jesus, enjoy Jesus, and trust in Jesus!


Rob Wilton