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We’ve answered some of our most common questions below. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to email us by clicking the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I park?

Families can park in the back of the church near the covered drive that says “Preschool”. Come in those doors to the preschool lobby. Elementary families can enter here as well to get checked in and escorted to your location.

We even have a handy map for you to scope out parking ahead of time!

Click the button below to view our parking map.

How do I check in my child?

All ages are checked in with a security name tag to ensure the safety of all children. When you come in the lobby, you will scan a QR code to input your family’s information and print name tags with a corresponding claim ticket for parents to use at pick up. Once everyone has a name tag, you will be shown to the correct location for each age group. Parents will show the claim ticket at pick-up so a volunteer can match it to your child’s name tag to verify that you are a safe pick-up person. You can also pre-register for your visit below.

What are your security precautions?

We secure doors on both ends of the hallways during programming. Security team members monitor the doors should you need to pick your child up early. You simply show them that claim ticket and they will let you on the hall.

Nursing Mothers

We have a room designated on both the 2nd floor near the worship center and in the preschool wing for mothers that would like a quiet place to feed babies. Please see a welcome team member or 301 Kids staff member for direction.

What about snacks?

We do serve a snack on Sunday mornings, so please let us know of any allergies your child has at check-in.

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